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“The Town” review

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Movies, Videos

What’s good I just finished watching this movie and it was crazy. There were times where it was a bunch of talking but it was needed to understand the entire movie. I won’t spoil it but its a must see imo. And it was directed by Ben himself he did his thing.. movie gets 4 of 5 stars

The new Young Jeezy video featuring Boo was released today for “I Get A Lotta That.” ┬áThug Motivation 103 is set to be┬áreleased┬áthis summer.

By C.J.D.

I’m not a big Jeezy fan myself, but I agree with the general┬áconsensus. ┬áJeezy has one style and has┬áchosen┬áto stick to it which is readily apparent in this video. ┬áHe’s not one for big flashy productions and creative lyrics. ┬áYou get what you see. ┬áSome bloggers are saying they’re bored with his music because it all sounds the same, but I doubt Jeezy cares to please the mainstream listener.


French Montana & Max B listening to an Ebonikz beat leading into an in-studio performance of “Wake Up In The Morning” off of French Montana’s mixtape “Mac Wit Da Cheese”