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“The Town” review

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Movies, Videos

What’s good I just finished watching this movie and it was crazy. There were times where it was a bunch of talking but it was needed to understand the entire movie. I won’t spoil it but its a must see imo. And it was directed by Ben himself he did his thing.. movie gets 4 of 5 stars

The new Young Jeezy video featuring Boo was released today for “I Get A Lotta That.”  Thug Motivation 103 is set to be released this summer.

By C.J.D.

I’m not a big Jeezy fan myself, but I agree with the general consensus.  Jeezy has one style and has chosen to stick to it which is readily apparent in this video.  He’s not one for big flashy productions and creative lyrics.  You get what you see.  Some bloggers are saying they’re bored with his music because it all sounds the same, but I doubt Jeezy cares to please the mainstream listener.

French Montana & Max B listening to an Ebonikz beat leading into an in-studio performance of “Wake Up In The Morning” off of French Montana’s mixtape “Mac Wit Da Cheese”