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The Empire & Dj Amazin Presents Young Harlem – Money Talkz

01_Money Talkz Intro (Pro By @Ebonikz)
02_Real Nigga (Pro By @Ebonikz) (The Cosignment Teaser)
03_Ask Me If I Care (Pro By @Ebonikz)
04_SuperBad W/$$ Prince (Pro By @the_Olympicks)
05_Dj Amazin Freestyle (Salute)
06_All I Know (Pro By @The_Olympicks) (Street Premier)
07_Back Up W/Upsouth(Klock & $$ Prince)(Pro By @the_Olympicks)
08_Ask Bout Me Freestyle (Pro By @Ebonikz)
09_Hate To See Me (Pro By @Ebonikz) (Street Premier)
10_The Empire Freestyle (Plenty Money)
11_Straight Truth W/Klock(Pro By @the_Olympicks)
12_Herd Bout Me (Pro By @the_Olympicks)
13_Where I Came From W/ALewins(Pro By @Ebonikz)(Bonus)
14_Jewerly Ft. Extream (Bonus)
15_Hustle W/Trees (Bonus)



HTC Rome!

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Tech

Just when i thought i wanted the droid niggaz pull this out they sleeve… I aint got no details on it right now but all i know is that its on android and its lookin epic.. we shall see.. Click picture for more

Lets get it! This the track we did in jerz when we opened for fabolous. the homie a lew and yours trully pro by Ebonikz. Ill have the video up soon. Click on picture to listen or download. feedback is appreciated.

Droid Does.. Again..

Posted: December 1, 2009 in Tech


Im still Lookin for a new phone and im thinkin its gonna be the droid until the hd2 drops

Track is a good year and a half old so its bout time we let yall hear it. Its off the “straight truth” mixtape. Feedback is appreciated.. And i still say our version is better than ross lol. Click picture to download or listen

This Track is cool. I gotta hear it in the chevy to see what I really think bout it lol. Click picture to download