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Here goes the bonus track off his lp droppin dec 1st. this is a hot track. Click picture to download


Yo i know this tape is old and all but my brother cali just put me on to the homie and he goes in. like i said before i give everyone a chance and this gudda dude is nice. Tell me what you think. click on picture to download full mixtape

Iverson Not Ballin!?!?!

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Sports

Yall gots to be kiddin me!! this kid is talented I dont care what yall say about em. I been in tuned with AI since the college days thanks to my older brother (free mr ed) and he always been the truth. hope this is some sick joke.

Click on picture to view story on espn

Make sure yall check out my lil brother and inhouse producer Ebonikz. He has a section on and it list his production credits and all my niggy getz it poppin. Shouts out to hhh ceo Lisa. Wuttup Ms lady!!

This sound like the old gucci i think my homie redd bring out the real street in artist with them beats. Anyways this shit for the chevy and such. My cousin gonna put this on his bass cd lol. pacman wuttup!

Bonus: Gucci Ft Lil Wayne – Bitches Wanna

HTC HD2!!!

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Tech


I THINK I FOUND IT!!! This is it yall im bout to cop this soon as it drop and i dont even like windows mobile phones. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO VIEW MORE INFO AND VIDEOS


Here go my homie ss prince, 1/3 of upsouth, street single. This shit is crack tell me what yall think. pro by drummajor lets go! Upsouth!